San Francisco Writers Conference Registration Form 2019

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    4-days of SFWC events, Gala Welcome party,
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  • As a 501c3 Nonprofit we welcome donations of any amount to fund our scholarship programs and free events.
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    IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CHECK: Please use this PDF form SFWC Mail in Form
    Print out the completed form and mail it with your check.

    IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CREDIT CARD a copy of the completed form will be sent to your email after you press the submit button.

    BY CHECK: Make check payable to ‘San Francisco Writers Conference’ or SFWC.
    On the memo line, please write; 2019 SFWC. Please note: Unless you register online, you are not considered to be registered until we receive this completed form with payment by mail or fax—and we must receive them by the deadlines above to qualify for any discount rates.

    NOTE: You will not be registered until we receive the completed form and payment!
    Both must be received (or postmarked) by the deadlines shown above in order to receive the discounted early prices.

  • Conference Cancellation and Refunds
    Requests for refunds of Conference fees must be submitted in writing to the San Francisco Writers Conference. A $50 Cancellation Fee will be charged for refund requests received by Oct. 31, 2018. After that, a $150 cancellation fee will be charged.
    There will be no refunds after January 1, 2019.
    Refunds will be sent within six weeks after the request is received.
    The SFWC reserves the right to change or cancel any speaker and/or session without notice.
    There is a $50 handling fee for returned checks.

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