Contest Finalists

(in random order)


The Lines Between Us by Rebecca D’Harlingue

Time and the Bell by Scott McGaraghan

Aristobulus the Judean by Randall Smith

Death and Other Promises by Deac Etherington

Jaguar Moon: The Silver Condor by Christine Volker

The Science of Shadows by Margaux DeRoux

Pescadero by Holly Brady

Azimuth by Kendra Griffith-Groesbeck

What We Leave Behind by Masha Shukovich

Olivia by Kella Svetich

The Broken Birds of Widow’s Peak by Kasey Corbit

Recovering by Erin Burba

Four Degrees by Julie Carrick Dalton


Barbed by Julie Morrison

Once You Go In: A Memoir by Carly Gelsinger

Shadowy White with Crispy Edges by Alan Fraser

Please Hold On To Me by Janna Bushaw

The Eastern Way by Frances H. Kakugawa

Life on a Pointy Fence by Mark Tricarico

Debugging the Mind: A Search for the Invariant Principle that Governs the Mind by Siva Mangalam

Immigrant Skin: A Girl’s Memoir by Sandra Shpilberg

Last Fight by Richard P. Guthrie

Soul Masala by Ixchel Leigh

Refraction by Bruce Rettig


Perfect Vision by Dawn Simon

Every Bit Glorious by Lana Krumwiede

The Christmas Gift by John Burns

Catherine of Merica by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

Water Weaver by Meghen Kurtzig

The Gilded Cage by Joanna Phoenix

The Truth About Pirates by Deborah Izzi

Arioto and the 13th Hour by Michael Alman

Androigynous by Audrey Greathouse

The Prison of Esper by Ellen Goff

The Light and the Door by Sydney Rocamora

Through Different Eyes by Karen McCoy

Earth’s Last Season by Thomas Mitchell

The Clan Calling by Wendy Terrien

Switched by Kim O’Brien


A note from SFWC Writing Contest Coordinator and Fuse Literary Agent Laurie McLean:

I’m a fan of reputable writing contests because I see them as a milestone on a writer’s career path. Imagine what it must feel like to finally put your book idea on a page (or 350 pages) and then show that work to strangers. Frightening! Exhilarating! That exposure is the writer climbing another rung on the career ladder. It could lead to getting the manuscript in front of editors or agents, or snagging a publishing deal.

As you know by now, Fuse Literary supports the San Francisco Writers Conference. The fifteenth annual event will be held February 15-18, 2018, and the organizers announced the finalists of this international writing contest on January 28th, 2018!

I served as contest coordinator so I’ve seen all the entries. They were phenomenal! A hearty congratulations to everyone who entered, and an extra “yippee” to the selected finalists. Winners will be announced at the Saturday Luncheon at SFWC, and names are posted on the San Francisco Writers Conference website. Good luck to everyone!